Scientists: the Earth begins to “clean up” from parasites of humanity

Our planet is a living organism, and she is dissatisfied with the activities of people, the researchers said.

Ученые: Земля начинает «очищаться» от паразитирующего человечества

Despite the fact that scientists have actually dismantled the formation of planets like Earth, there are hypotheses, which are based on the theory that they are living organisms. In the 1980-ies, Soviet scientists I. Janicki and V. Makarov has suggested such after found that in areas of crustal faults from time to time, there is no arbitrary due to the phenomenon. In particular, the differential gas concentration or intensity of the magnetic field. The researchers compared the behavior of the Earth with the behavior of a living being that breathes through cracks in crevices.

A bolder speculation put forward by British scientists Hartman and Curry. They studied the electromagnetic indicators of the Earth and came to the conclusion that our planet is not just alive, but able пе6редавать signals into space of their own kind. The activities of a parasite on its surface human “does not suit” the planet. In this connection, by running the natural disasters the Earth, according to experts, starts to “clean up” from mankind. Ultimately, these processes can lead to the complete destruction of our species.

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