Scientists: the Faults near Surgut and sickness have a connection

To such conclusion the group of experts Surgu. The city is located on several faults.

Учёные: Разломы земной коры под Сургутом и болезни имеют связь

Scientists came to the conclusion that faults under the Surgut and diseases have a direct link. The risk of those who live on faults, increased 1.5 times.

For starters, scientists have made a detailed map of where near Surgut are breaks in the earth’s crust. It turned out that the city is on several of their joints.

Then experts have found a street address that is located above them, and engaged in the morbidity statistics.

The findings were disappointing. People living in houses built above the faults, susceptible to disease 1.5 times more often. This applies not only to therapeutic diseases, but also hypertension, and Oncology.

Scientists attribute this to the influence of magma, located between the faults. She has additional magnetic field, and emit radiation and radon, which often leads to the appearance of cancer in the lungs.

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