Scientists: the Immune cells of sharks are able to beat cancer

It is a specific body epigonal. Scientific work was conducted by Carl Luer and Cathy Walsh, working in the laboratory Mote Marine in Sarasota.

Ученые: Иммунные клетки акулы способны победить рак у человека

For 60 years, Mote Marine scientists have researched the way of life of sharks, in result, it was found that the immune cell marine predator is able to beat cancer even in humans. It turns out that sharks have on epigonal, which is absent in other groups of animals. It works similar to bone marrow in humans and is involved in pumping of immune cells. If you adjust the functioning of these cells for the human environment, to introduce them to the area with cancer cells, the latter will be killed and the healthy cells will remain with the same structure.

To achieve such a result, scientists have managed for 18 months, during this time they were accompanied by, and failures. The method opens new possibilities in cancer treatment, but the project lacks financing.

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