Scientists: the Most durable substance in the Universe are “nuclear pasta”

Experiment lasagne has revealed in the structure of neutron stars unusual theoretical substance having extremely dense and chaotic structure.

Ученые: Самым прочным  веществом во Вселенной являются «ядерные макароны»

Scientists from Indiana University in Bloomington conducted a study called “lasagna”, which helped to detect the most durable substance in the Universe, for an unusual structure called the “nuclear pasta”. Substance formed in the depths of neutron stars, and is represented by the degenerate gas with quantum mechanical properties in the inner layer of superdense neutron object between his shell of quarks, gluons and anti-quark and quark-gluon plasma. This substance is not capable of destroying the nucleons to create a new portion of plasma, and therefore the result of the mutual repulsion accumulates in this layer in the form of unstable structures form, which resemble spaghetti and lasagna, are the transitional state of matter.

Theoretically calculate the force with which you will be able to roll out the pasta to form lasagna, scientists have found that the substance is the most durable of all previously discovered substances in the Universe. The researchers hope that further study of the “nuclear pasta” they will be able to select the substance, more detailed to study it, because of its durable properties can be used in various fields, and the structure is taken as a basis for modeling new objects. Furthermore, they will help to better understand the nature of gravitational waves and the formation of hills on neutron stars.

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