Scientists: the Other dimensions of the Universe do not exist

Modern physics, based on the study of gravitational waves, refuted the theory of relativity of albert Einstein.

Ученые: Другие измерения Вселенной не существуют

Scientists at the University of Chicago expressed the view that other dimensions of the Universe do not exist, since the deformation of space-time due to gravitational waves, is insufficient, in order to form other dimensions. Black holes, dark matter are balanced. That is, by definition, scientists, powerful gravity can’t bend space-time to the fourth stage. Not to mention, and the existence of parallel Universes. Astrophysics in this reference on-detector interferometers LIGO and VIRGO, which was recorded by the gravitational wave from the merger of neutron stars.

This theory aroused sharp opposition of many scientists, as traditional schools, and followers of the theories of “spillover” of parallel worlds. American researchers accused of fraud and collusion with the US authorities, who conduct the game with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The denial of the other dimension constitute a waiver of studies of time travel, and, finding wormholes leading to parallel worlds.

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