Scientists: the Planet appeared from space dust

U.S. experts have discovered a new mechanism that explains how appear it clots. Thus, another step has been made in the understanding of the universe.

Учёные: Планеты появились из космической пыли

Scientists previously assumed that the planet appeared from space dust, or rather, of its clots. The mystery remains, how exactly they were formed.

Clots of this dust are the primary stage in the process of “protoplanetary” disk of gas become a solid spherical bodies.

The attention of researchers was attracted by deviations in the movement of dust when it moved through the gas cloud. Previously it was thought that the condition of dust in the gas is stable. That is, particles or just moving together with him, or when a large amount deposited.

It turned out that it is not. Condition of dust and gas shows an unstable movement. The consequence of this is the formation it clots.

These unstable areas are everywhere in the Universe, where the dust passes through the gas. The simulation confirmed the assumption of scientists. Dust, connecting with each other, became more and more like a snowball. Then in the clouds, under the young stars, the dust begins to coalesce into lumps which gradually increase in size. When the stone will reach to its diameter of about 1000 km, it takes the force of gravity. It gives the new entity a rounded shape.

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