Scientists: the Risk of dementia is reduced to 75% after the correction of hearing and vision

Scientists from the U.S. conducted a major study aimed at examining the condition of the people who underwent correction of hearing and vision. As a result, they were able to identify a simple way to avoid one of the major age-related diseases.

Ученые: Риск деменции снижается до 75% после коррекции слуха и зрения

Dementia is considered a threat, which affects the development of modern society. It is proven that after mankind learned to fight cardiovascular diseases and cancer pathologies to the fore began to leave neurodegenerative diseases, besides, the British scientists have proved that prevention of dementia is especially necessary for older people who have problems with hearing and vision.

Experts from the University of Manchester under the guidance of Dr. Pierce of the CFE Treaty from 1996 to 2014 watched 2040 volunteers, which followed the hearing, and 2068 of study participants for vision after cataract surgery. The results of experiment showed that using hearing AIDS can help slow the progress of dementia by 75%, and vision improved to 50% after correction.

Still, British scientists have predicted an unfavorable future for humanity is already by 2035, 40% of the world’s population will develop serious hearing problems, the main factors that will cause called Smoking, alcohol, overweight, disturbance of sleep rhythm and increased blood pressure.

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