Scientists: the Secret of youth lies in the slowness

You need to take to eat, drink, breathe and walk. Doctors told why it is necessary to slow down and start enjoying every moment of it.

Ученые: Секрет молодости заключается в медлительности

Scientists with one voice declare that the secret of youth lies in the slowness. It turns out that you need to slowly eat, drink, breathe and walk. As for the food, the NZ experts do not recommend on the go to eat, because the body has no time to react and the signals of satiety from the brain do not act, it only happens after 20 minutes. A bad habit we have produced in childhood, say doctors.

Bad for the body and a quick drink and it doesn’t have to be alcohol. Gulp drunk bottle of water will only hurt and lead to acid imbalance.

Correct breathing is the number of breaths 15 times per minute. The disruption of this process provokes fatigue, increased heartbeat and diffuses the attention. Breathing occurs due to stress and chronic pain syndrome.

For youth it is helpful to walk slowly, which will improve metabolism, will help with excess weight and prevent osteoporosis. Scientists claim that slow walking is more active burns calories.

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