Scientists: Three generations of descendants of mothers-those who like fast food are doomed to obesity

The sensational result of the research of Swiss biochemists have been recently published in a special edition of Translational Psychiatry.

Ученые: Три поколения потомков матерей-любительниц фастфудов обречены на ожирение

As stated by scientists after large-scale experiments on laboratory animals, three generations of descendants of mothers-those who like fast food and high-calorie food are doomed to obesity. In this pathological chain may be extended on to infinity, because it is produced and psychological dependence to fatty foods. In the course of the studies, female rats that produce offspring every two months, were provided with foods high in fats, including palm oil, which is used in the preparation of hamburgers.

Problems with metabolism was detected in the offspring from the first litter. However, despite the balanced diet, eliminating fatty foods, the next two litters were born with abnormalities characteristic of risk. Thus, women who are on the stage of pregnancy prefer to eat fatty foods, condemning three generations to the disease according to the metabolic type. The study was a sensation, because previously, there was a genetic justification for the emergence of a “risk group”. Currently, obesity affects every eighth inhabitant of the planet that is a troubling symptom for cardiologists, gastroenterologists and other specialists who have to deal with side effects of excessive body weight.

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