Scientists: to save the world, you must go for vegetarian food

This is the conclusion made by British experts. To overcome the climate change, water scarcity and pollution, need to follow a diet called “flexitarians”.

Учёные: Чтобы спасти мир, необходимо перейти на растительную пищу

Scientists expressed confidence to save the world from major disasters, you need quite a bit. Just go to vegetarian food.

You also need a food waste reduction and increased productivity in agriculture. It has a significant impact on climate change the depletion of fresh water and pollution of excess phosphorus and nitrogen.

The experts made an assessment of what the potential has a “flexitarian diet” from the point of view of their impact on climate change. According to this diet allowed a small amount of ingestion of animal products. For example, it could be one serving of red meat per week.

In the case that the inhabitants of the world will go on this diet, it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production more than doubled.

One “right” diet thing, of course, is not limited. The need to increase yields on arable lands and more efficient use of water resources. Also there is restriction in use of fertilizers.

Scientists believe that the Earth is able to feed 10 billion people. However, we need to change the style for the consumption of food and methods of its production.

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