Scientists told about the consequences of refusing dairy products

Ученые рассказали о последствиях отказа от молочной продукции

Some nutritionists say that it is necessary to abandon the use of milk as modern dairy products does not meet the quality requirements and contains antibiotics and various additives. As reported scientists do not agree with such arguments and note that a complete rejection of dairy products will have serious consequences for health. According to experts, a complete rejection of dairy products can lead to high risks of fractures.

Experts from National society for the study of osteoporosis in the UK said that the consumption of dairy products over the past two decades has declined in Britain at a record 30%. Many residents are switching to vegetable analogues of dairy products, but they can’t replenish those substances that the body gets along with the milk. People who do not consume dairy products, the most prone to getting fractures. In addition, a deficiency of calcium, contained in dairy products several times increases the risk of osteoporosis.

British scientists said that a complete rejection of milk provokes decreased immunity and slowing metabolism. Also, experts said that a recent study found that people who do not consume dairy products, there is a deterioration of the skin.