Scientists told about the fate of the Tesla running into space

Ученые рассказали о судьбе автомобиля Tesla, запущенного в космос

According to chemist William Carroll of Indiana University, was launched into space on 6 February last year, the company SpaceX Elon musk red sports electric car Tesla Roaster successfully continues its flight, but it may have been damaged from radiation.

According to the expert, under the influence of the radiation parts of the car, especially made of leather, plastic and brittle metals, degraded and lost its flexibility and strength, however, the case of the Tesla Roaster have remained intact.

There is no doubt that sooner or later the car will sit on the surface of Mars, as it was conceived by Elon Musk, and unfortunately the scientists are buried in the “red planet” many terrestrial microorganisms.

Note that professionals cannot make assumptions about the state of the electric vehicle only on the basis of mathematical calculations, since this launch is completely useless for science and Observatory don’t spend time and money on its detection with the aid of powerful telescopes.

Another US scientist – an astrophysicist from the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics, Jonathan McDowell believes that the chances of falling off the car on the Ground is 1 to 17, and about the same likelihood that he will crash into another planet.

Recall that launched February 6, exactly a year ago from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral with the help of a new rocket, the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX electric sports car Tesla Roaster already removed from the Earth at a distance of 363 million kilometres and orbited around the Sun.

Scientists to stay in space he has a few million years.