Scientists told about the most useful position for sleep

Ученые рассказали о самой полезной позе для сна

Scientists from the Norwegian University of technology and specialists from the Danish National research centre has established the healthy posture during sleep. Reports they conducted a study involving thousands of men and women aged 20 to 65 years.

The researchers analyzed data on the health status of the participants knew their weight, height and other parameters. The study lasted exactly two years, and experts determined that posture during sleep directly affects human health. It turned out that the good health of those participants who sleep on their side. 54% of participants sleep in this position, about 37 percent preferred to sleep on the back and only 8 percent in the abdomen. During the night several times people change the posture, subconsciously trying to avoid congestion in the tissues.

The women sleep on one side more time than men. That is why there are more women centenarians. The scientists also noted that the most useful thing to sleep on the left side – thanks to this pose improves the function of intestines and esophagus, normal circulation and nutrition of the brain. Also sleeping on your left side promotes weight loss.