Scientists told at what age women and men are more unfaithful

Ученые рассказали, в каком возрасте женщины и мужчины более склонны к изменам

Modern “pimps” are well aware that their resources are recorded not only single people. The founder of one of them, Ashley Madison, on the basis of the users ‘ survey also highlighted the reasons are infidelity, lack of intimacy in marriage because of employment or exhaustion of one of the partners, and finding emotional support on the side. Potential lovers, both men and women can become the people from the inner circle or colleagues, although not excluded, and random meaningless because, for example, during a business trip.

Most likely to change are:

“living in the Network”;

those who have already changed once;

men on the threshold of a new decade (the last digit of age – 9);

women with low incomes;

a respectable, wealthy men with high social status.

Not the last role in the fact that people dare to commit adultery, playing their ages and duration of relationships in which they are composed.

Held another Dating website, Victoria Milan, the study was based on comparison of data among users from different countries, social and age groups. So, women in the North of Europe, for example, was inclined to enter into a relationship on the side to 30, whereas in the East and South of the continent, this threshold was higher – about 40 and above.

Was also analysed how much time since the wedding of beautiful ladies were ready to be faithful to their spouses before tying the novels. Averaged data showed that this period was approximately 7-8 years, although he had been much shorter and much longer. Given the fact that many women marry after 20, it is most likely that the peak of their potential unfaithfulness has more than 30 years.

As for the men, consisting in a long-term relationship, for them the age limit for adultery is somewhat higher. And this is not a midlife crisis. Of 40-45 years many of them reach a certain status, which means they can provide women stability. It was her looking for more young ladies ready to give you a new feeling and admiration. Considered with this age level the likelihood that the man may be a relationship on the side, gradually increases and reaches its peak at 50-55 years.