Scientists told how “good habits” prolong our life from a dozen years

Ученые поведали, как "хорошие привычки" продлевают нашу жизнь сразу на десяток лет

Scientists from Harvard University and the Amsterdam University of applied Sciences, said the unprecedented benefits of our “good habits.” Reporters found that “Phrase”, they can extend human life by ten years.

As quoted by the explorers edition of the British Medical Journal, the fact is that habits like regular exercise and a healthy diet will automatically lead to higher life expectancy. It is important not to deviate from them.

In the course of its work, the experts analysed the medical records of hundred of thousands of people at the age of fifty years: since the start of the study, which lasted twenty years, they have not had anything. After that, the scientists recorded the age at which they “came of cardiovascular disease, cancer or type II diabetes and as a result these people have lived”.

The study identified five risk factors: “It’s Smoking, drinking moderate doses of alcohol (175 ml of wine or 375 ml of beer for women and, respectively, 350 or 750 ml for men), unhealthy diet, low physical activity and overweight.”

Scientists say: “Women who adhered to four or five healthy habits lived an average of 84.4 per year, compared to 73,7 those who have such habits was not. For men, these figures amounted to 81.1 vs 73.5”.