Scientists told, how to change sex after 40 years

Ученые рассказали, как изменится секс через 40 лет

According to the scientist Girlie, women will fertilize in the laboratory, which will completely change the idea of sexual ethics.

Scientists say that in the future sex will wear slightly less features than now. According to researchers, it will be associated with the development of modern technologies that help loving couples before insemination to identify genetic risks influencing the development of the child.

So, the author of the book “the End of sex and the future reproduction of people,” Henry T. Greely believes that in about 40 years people will refuse to have sex as a reproductive function, and will go exclusively on artificial insemination, according to

According to Girlie, women will fertilize in the laboratory, which will completely change the idea of sexual ethics.

“Couple that wants children, would come to the clinic to leave a sperm sample, and she’s a skin sample. In week two, the parents will receive genetic information about hundreds of embryos created from their cells. They will be able to know what the future holds for each of the embryos and will be able to choose which one to implant in the uterus,” writes Henry T. Grill.

Christian tradition “forgive” people for “satisfaction of sexual needs” if they do it for procreation.

The Bible condemns sex that has no purpose, but a philosopher Aristotle has refuted this dogma, long before the advent of Christianity, when they suggested that another purpose of intimacy is love and desire to bond with a partner.

But in the modern world people have sex solely for pleasure, scientists say.

The emergence of new sexual ethics associated with homosexuals, who claim that sex should not be associated with procreation and other things.

Scientists believe that this kind of sexual practice in the near future will become the absolute norm: people don’t have to love each other, have some kind of relationship and to enter into marriage to have sex.

So sex can change in the future due to several factors: first, because of the latest technology.

Parents will be working in laboratories “design and perfect babies”, there will be virtual porn and a variety of devices for sexual caresses at a distance using sensors.

Secondly, to change the views on monogamy.

Scientists suggest that soon mankind will be able to approach the subject of immortality, and the person that will live 150 years has already been born.

Since the average human lifespan has increased by about 20 years, the idea of eternal love and monogamy seems more fantastic than a few decades ago. Thus, the concept of “till death do us part” soon obsolete.

Third, to change the attitude to sexual identity.

According to current trends, in the future people will be able to choose a sexual partner of either sex without condemnation from society.

In General, researchers agreed on the opinion that sex will become more synthetic, plastic and guaranteed to depart from existing traditions. The scientists write that people will begin to get pleasure from intimacy with your lover, but only from the physical sensation, social relations and experimentation.

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