Scientists told how to Wake up without an alarm clock

Ученые подсказали, как просыпаться без будильника

Like most people, you probably Wake up in the morning only by the clock.

However, the human body is already inherent biological clock that helps you Wake up without the aid of such devices. The use of the daily (circadian) rhythms adaptation of sleep will help you sleep better and improve overall health.

Examine your circadian rhythms

Define your sleep mode. Circadian rhythms are called circadian (24-hour) rhythms, which affect physical and mental behavior. Besides the fact that they are in control of your natural sleep, they also affect the body’s production of hormones, body temperature and hunger. If you Wake up feeling thirsty in the night or early in the morning, then most likely, your natural circadian rhythms disrupted.

Circadian and other rhythms of the body, ultimately controlled by the “main clock”, which is known as the “suprachiasmatic nucleus” – it is located in the hypothalamus.

Keep a sleep diary. Before you abandon the service, you need to understand your current sleep mode. At least during the one week mark, what time you go to bed and what time I Wake up. Studies have shown that within weeks people every day go to bed late, and many have ended up with chronic sleep deprivation. Try to follow the natural biorhythms and always go to bed at the same time.

The disturbance of circadian rhythms occurs when your biological clock does not correspond to the social. Experts on sleep called this phenomenon dzhetlaga. It can lead to serious health problems such as obesity and inflammatory diseases.

Spend some time on the street. Circadian rhythms are partially connected with sunlight and darkness. If you have to go to work early in the morning, before dawn, and during the day you can’t see the sun, your natural sleep may be disrupted.

If the work schedule you such that you have to go to work and come home in the dark, try for a little while to go out during the working day to see the sunlight.

If you are unable to go outside during the working day, try at least to be at the window to see the light of day.