Scientists told the whole truth about women’s hormones

Ученые рассказали всю правду о женских гормонах

Women’s health is primarily the normal productivity of a hormonal background. If there is a lack of hormones, it can cause various diseases.

Why is it so important for women to take care of the hormone levels.

Therefore, taking care of yourself and your health is the most important thing in the female body. Because the woman, fragile and gentle creature, who needs to monitor not only their appearance, but also for internal.


This hormone is produced in the ovaries and is responsible for our femininity. Yes! The fact that You have a soft rounded shape and flexible nature, is his direct work.

In addition, estrogen accelerates cell renewal, prolongs youth, preserves the beauty of the hair and skin elasticity, protects vessels from cholesterol deposits.


May cause excessive fullness in the abdomen and hips. In addition, an excess of the hormone might lead to benign tumors.


Causes premature aging of skin, early appearance of wrinkles, deterioration of hair condition and, most worryingly, leads to undesirable owolosenia on all conceivable parts of the body: face, chest, arms…


This hormone is produced in the adrenal glands. That You “and a horse at full tilt will stop and into a burning log hut will enter”, he is guilty.

Testosterone makes a woman purposeful, persistent, able not only to believe in fairy tales, but do it with their own hands. The more You have in the body of testosterone, the easier You are given different kinds of sports, active games, faster build muscle mass.


When an excess of testosterone a woman is transformed from a gentle nymph in violent and aggressive fury.


The hormone responsible for our tenderness and affection. A surge of this hormone is familiar to all mothers: that after the baby is born oxytocin aktiviziruyutsya and the woman feels infinite tenderness and love for his son.


Proven that oxytocin is produced in large quantity and the emotional and physical strain and stress.

That is why women trying to get rid of the problems start to check homework children, cook dinner of four courses for a husband to do good deeds for others. And You wonder: why is this pious, right?


Amazing hormone, which is synthesized in the thyroid gland. Why surprising? And how else can you call the hormone responsible for from figure and mind?!

Regulating metabolism, thyroxine is responsible for our harmony. If the thyroid is OK, not starve yourself, you won’t get better.

In addition, thyroxine is responsible for our intelligence and ingenuity.


Excess of thyroxine to lose weight very quickly. Up to anaemia. And in my head begin to climb disturbing thoughts, appears insomnia, rapid heartbeat, drowsiness, memory impairment.

If You experience these symptoms – step March to the doctor to check your thyroid!


Leads to such negative consequences, like rapid weight gain, fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, forgetfulness and even problems with conception.


Here is the hormone of a real woman! Norepinephrine is produced in a stressful situation the adrenal glands.

He dilates blood vessels, covers cheeks with blush, makes your eyes shiny and skin supple and toned. Thanks to norepinephrine You become not only irresistible – it helps with head held high to meet all the vicissitudes of life, instills a feeling of confidence, gives a feeling of being “hopeless situations do not happen.”

At such moments You are full of determination and courage, successfully solve all the problems, with a charming look and are fast asleep. Nice, isn’t it?


Into the bloodstream from the pancreas. Breaks down complex carbohydrates (including sweets), controls the level of glucose in the blood gives us life energy.


Some women are born with are not as active insulin level in the blood, as others. Eating too much sweet or starchy foods, you can “dokusaisha” to diabetes. The risk of developing the disease increases if diabetes has hurt someone close to relatives.

Remember: You are unique, charming and unique! Watch your health and be healthy!