Scientists urge to re-explore the Uranus and Neptune in space

A group of scientists reported that you need to restore the mission to Uranus and Neptune, as some data indicate a high chance of existence of life on these planets.

Учёные призывают вновь исследовать Уран и Нептун в космосе

The chances are significantly large, much larger than the probability of life on Mars. Send the first instruments for the study of the heavenly bodies was planned in 2020, but plans for this reason have been cancelled.

In NASA announced a version that can accommodate a colony of earthlings on Uranus and Neptune, the proof of this was received by the New Horizons mission. During New Horizons, managed to take a photo of Neptune and cross the orbit of Uranus. But despite this, the main objective is to send humans to Mars. Other projects to colonize at the moment are discarded, as they are unpromising. Of special interest to scientists was the Triton – moon of Neptune. It is the only moon in the Solar system rotate once around.

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