Scientists: women are two times more need of sex than men

Ученые: женщины в два раза больше нуждаются в сексе, чем мужчины

Scientists said that women crave more sex acts than men. To this conclusion they came, after some research.

It turned out that it’s all in the brain structure of both sexes. So, men have more developed left brain, which is responsible for logical thinking. This allows you to develop a correct strategy. In turn, women have a more developed right hemisphere is responsible for feelings. This gives them the opportunity to better understand others.

At the same time, women crave more affection and tenderness than men. It turned out that men have two times more outstanding serotonin (the happy hormone) than women. Therefore, in matters of sex ladies need a stronger sensation. In other words, they need more love and warmth, to feel happy.