Scientists: young blood Transfusion prolongs life

Ученые: Переливание молодой крови продлевает жизнь

Experts from the medical school of Washington University have shown that a protein found in young blood can interfere with the aging process. Reports scientists explained that with age, the level of this protein in the blood drops dramatically, leading to the development of dementia, obesity, diabetes mellitus and vision loss. Experts conducted an experiment on mice.

In the blood of the old rodents, they added an enzyme eNAMPT from young mice. It was found that the addition of protein of young blood in the old helps to increase life expectancy by 16%. This protein plays a key role in the production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which provides for the flow are important for cell life oxidation-reduction reactions. eNAMPT increases OVER production and slows cellular aging. The scientists also stated that this protein is secreted into the blood from adipose tissue.

It allows you to control the functions of the hypothalamus. And he, in turn, controls the aging process in the body. With a sharp decrease in the level of this protein in the hypothalamus is much worse, life expectancy starts to decline.