Scrap metal and a drunk driver: Zaporozhye patrol for the day twice offered a bribe

Лом металла и пьяный водитель: запорожским патрульным за день дважды предложили взятку

In the Zaporozhye region during a day patrol on the road twice offered a bribe in 2000 and 500 hryvnia.

About it reported in Department of communications of Ukraine in Zaporizhia region.

February 2, around 4:30, patrol post in the village of Azov, Berdyansk district stopped the car “Mercedes” and “GAZel”, which transported the scrap of ferrous metal without any documents. 26-year-old offered the police a bribe in the sum of 2000 hryvnias, but they refused. Cars with scrap metal was seized, is checked.

The same day around 23:30 patrol on the 475 km of the highway “Borispol-Dnipro-Kiev” on a stationary post for a traffic violation (a technical malfunction of the vehicle) stopped “VAZ-21013”. The driver was 41-the summer inhabitant of the Dnepropetrovsk area. While chatting with the driver and drawing up administrative materials the police realized that the man was drunk. The driver offered patrol 500 hryvnias of a bribe, the police also recorded. On the detainee made administrative reports on signs of part 1 of article 121 (Breach of driver rules of driving, rules of use of seat-belts or helmets) and part 1 of article 130 (Management of vehicles or vessels by persons in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication or under the influence of medicines, reducing their attention and speed of reaction) of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences.

On both facts criminal proceedings on signs of part 1 of article 369 (the offer, promise or giving undue advantage to an official) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Continues pre-trial investigation.