Screen replacement Samsung Galaxy S10 is comparable to the cost of a new smartphone

Замена экрана Samsung Galaxy S10 сравнима со стоимостью нового смартфона

Owners of smartphones a new line of Samsung Galaxy S10 in case of breakage of the screen can get a tidy sum compared to the cost of the new smartphone.

Chinese online published the cost of a replacement display Galaxy S10 official service. So, if the smaller model, Samsung Galaxy S10e, in the basic configuration costs $750, then the cost of a replacement screen will pull all $800. New screen for Galaxy S10 will have to pay $960, and display replacement Galaxy S10+ will cost $1060.

Such big prices due to several factors. First, it is integrated with fingerprint scanner and he, of course, also should be replaced when faulty screen. Second, the high cost of the actual screen Infinty-O with a hole for the camera.