Screenwriter of “public Servants” Kostiuk debate on the stadium: 90% thought that Poroshenko refuses

Сценарист "Слуги народа" Костюк о дебатах на стадионе: На 90% думали, что Порошенко откажется

During the election campaign prezidentskou showman Vladimir Zelensky was preparing for a debate with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, but his team is not considering the option of meeting at the Studio. This was stated by the writer of the series “servant of the people”, member of the electoral headquarters Zelensky Yury Kostyuk in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

“Our opponents actively raised the topic of the debate: “we want debate,” [Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada] Irina Gerashchenko wanted to make a law to make them mandatory. We understand that our competitors will drive on this disc, so we were preparing for the debate,” he said.

According to Kostyuk, the idea of a debate on the stadium came Zelensky during the concert of “Quarter” in the “Dnepr-Arena”.

“Even before the first round we had this story. The decision to record a video invitation to the “Olympic” was born in this building [headquarters Zelensky], lunch came up – in the morning recorded”, – he said.

The writer added that the team Zelensky did not expect that Poroshenko will agree to their terms.

“Honestly? 90% thought refuse,” – said Kostiuk.

He assured that in the preparation of Zelensky the debate on “Olympic” showman did not work a teacher or therapist.

“Neither psychologist, nor a teacher here. Ukrainian language Vladimir began to study, like, two years ago. He said Ekaterina Osadchaya. When began the active phase of the campaign, he was engaged with the teacher. Actually helped the environment – we tried to talk to him as much as possible in the Ukrainian language”, – said the writer.

According to Kostyuk, Zelensky was prepared to debate with his staff throughout the campaign, when the team almost every day has held expert meetings on various issues.

“Before the debate Vladimir were just supposed to sit independently organize information and actually prepare for the questions the opponent,” he concluded.

The debate Poroshenko and Zelensky were held April 19 at the NSC “Olympic”, between the first and second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. According to police, the stadium was watched by 22 million people.

During the debate, Poroshenko said that Zelensky “hiding from the army, without agenda,” called him a “sack” in which the hidden oligarchs and former regions, and assured that he will not allow the opponent to power.

Zelensky said that Ukrainians voted for Poroshenko one, and chose another, called “insurgents” militants “LDNR”. Showman also said that Poroshenko slogans “bezviz, Tomos, language, the army” appropriated by the General achievements of many Ukrainians.

21 April 2019 in Ukraine held the second round of presidential elections. April 30, Ukraine’s Central election Commission officially announced the election results, won by Zelensky result 73,22% of the vote. For current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko voted 24,45% of the voters. Inauguration date will determine the Verkhovna Rada.