Seafood pasta in wine sauce from the singer Sergey Mironenko (recipe)

Паста с морепродуктами в винном соусе от певца Сергея Мироненко (рецепт)

Before I loved to cook. But now, in connection with the preparation of the Ukrainian tour, which starts on March 7, this hobby is almost no time left.

However, my favorite always has been and will be a seafood pasta in wine sauce. This is the perfect recipe to please your mate. Cooking such a delicious dish will not require a lot of time.


  • Spaghetti from durum wheat
  • Wine sauce
  • Shrimp
  • Mussels
  • Butter

Method of preparation

1. While in boiling water, cook spaghetti in a large frying pan we warm up a tablespoon (Yes, tablespoon) of butter and 50 gr. white dessert. This combination gives the dish a caramelized color.

2. On a heated pan, add boiled shrimp and mussels, fried them on each side for one minute. There also pour the wine sauce, stirring with seafood.

3. By this time we already cooked spaghetti and we add them to the frying pan, into the sauce with seafood. Stir fifteen minutes, add sepatuku love (it’s a prerequisite) and our dish is ready!