Seagull with an arrow in the chest lives on the British coast

Чайка со стрелой в груди живет на британском побережье

In the British coastal town of Blackpool in Lancashire for two months, the residents are watching a Seagull with an arrow in his chest. The bird all this time flies and steal food from the fast food lovers, writes The Mirror.

The arrow which pierced the gull, about 45 santimetrov length. However, this does not prevent birds “eat out” at a local fast food restaurant KFC. Customers regularly fed a brew of potatoes and chicken.

People have commented that the bird behaves, like her other relatives, she looks healthy. Compassionate Brits tried several times to catch a Seagull with an arrow to give to the vets, but she is not given.

Who shot the bird, is unknown. The locals are worried due to the fact that the hands of the attacker may suffer and other animals. Authorities reported a Seagull with an arrow in the Royal society for the protection of animals from cruel treatment.