Season series: Skyworth TVs at the best price

Сезон сериалов: телевизоры Skyworth по выгодной цене

A good time to buy new appliances is usually considered autumn, which is a regular sale season. But in the course of the year, you can come across the best deals, the online store Wildberries until June 5, holds a summer sale, in which you can buy Skyworth TVs with various useful functions at a reduced price.

Skyworth 24F1000 – compact model with a 24-inch display (1366×768 pixels) will easily fit into a small bedroom, nursery or kitchen. If the free space on the Desk or Cabinet is not there, the TV can be hung even on the fragile partition: its weight is only 2.5 kg. In addition to receiving terrestrial TV, the budget model is able to play media from USB drives and Vice versa – record TV shows onto a flash drive. Afford to buy will not hit up to 5 June, the TV will cost 6652 ruble.

Skyworth 32S330 in addition to 32-inch screen with HD resolution is notable for the support of Smart TV. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module can use services like IPTV or online cinema, without worrying about stretching across the room cables. Another useful option is the model – built-in Bluetooth chip, which will allow you to connect to TV wireless headphones or keyboard with mouse for easy navigation and searching of films. The cost of the device if you order before 5 June 14 is 312 roubles.

40 inch Skyworth 40E20 Full HD-matrix is designed for users who need a large diagonal without unnecessary features. The TV has three HDMI ports for connecting various sources, from PCs to game consoles. Power built-in acoustics is 12 watts – more than some computer speakers. There is a possibility of fastening of the main element of home theater system on the wall using a standard VESA mount 200×200. Price until June 5, is 16 007 rubles.

The above prices are valid at time of publication, the number of products is limited.

Сезон сериалов: телевизоры Skyworth по выгодной цене

Сезон сериалов: телевизоры Skyworth по выгодной цене