Seat has released in-car coffee machine

Компания Seat выпустила автомобильную кофемашину

Seat made a wonderful gift to drivers-coffee drinkers. The Spaniards, knowing that two out of five British motorists love to have a coffee behind the wheel, released in the UK automobile portable espresso machine – Handpresso!

A device for making coffee fits neatly between the front seats in all models of Seat. Eating from your car’s power outlet, Handpresso gives 50 ml of hot fresh espresso in less than three minutes. The cost of the coffee machine – and 185 pounds, and in the year, on assurances of the Spaniards, it will save on the café more than 1,800 pounds.

In addition Handpresso cares about the environment. Because the driver will no longer pollute the environment with disposable cups – set already entering two. Also included is a carrying bag that has a place for napkins, spoons, condiments and coffee capsules or ground coffee. And it conveniently fits in the glove box of the car.

The auto manufacturers seem to have begun days April fools pranks. First of UAZ reported that his truck was the “Popemobile,” and it was true. But the news from the Spaniards Seat, though, and looks more real, but to believe in such a coffee machine to work.