Second Zaitsev stirred Kharkov: convertible scattered people as bowling pins

Вторая Зайцева взбудоражила Харьков: кабриолет разбросал людей, как кегли

Major accident struck Kharkov

23-year-old driver of a convertible Audi TT on the evening of 15 September, flew into pedestrians in Kharkov. Due to an accident suffered four women, according to 24tv.

The culprit of the tragedy claims that the accident occurred because the other vehicle traveling in front of her.

Dorozhno-transport incident happened on Sumskaya street in Kharkov. Fortunately, four women received minor injuries and was quickly hospitalized.

Law enforcement authorities established that the girl who was driving the Audi, lost control and flew into pedestrians. The examination established that she was sober.

The culprit of the accident, told his version of what happened. The girl says that she allegedly has turned another car, which threw her for a loop.

“I 100% saw – she-turned,” says the owner of a foreign car on the front of the car.

Law enforcement agencies have already opened on the fact of road accident the criminal proceedings due to violations of the rules of road safety. All the circumstances establish.

Recall that in Kiev the local police introduced the plan “Interception”, searching for car brand BMW black color.

This car escape from justice by criminals. Their law enforcement officials suspected of committing a number of burglaries in the capital.

For capture of fugitives in Kiev, the two acts plan “Interception”. Looking for BMW 735 model, auto license plates – АА0072ХХ. Of the surveillance area law enforcement car is missing in the area Darnytskyi area. The driver and his passenger are the main defendants in the case of burglaries. The police asks to inform on the line 102 in case of detection of the car.

We will remind, recently in the Kyiv region there was a tragic accident that killed an elderly man.

The accident occurred near the village of Kozin Mironovskiy district. As previously it became known, 16-year-old driver of Daewoo has not coped with management and crashed into a truck. This informs the Department of communication of the police of Kiev region.

The young man did not comply with the required speed on the track. In front of him, cars drove KAMAZ, Daewoo and the driver crashed into him.

The passenger in the front seat drove the native grandfather of the driver. From the received traumas it has died on the spot. The boy with a closed head injury and brain concussion was taken to the hospital.

Вторая Зайцева взбудоражила Харьков: кабриолет разбросал людей, как кегли

Вторая Зайцева взбудоражила Харьков: кабриолет разбросал людей, как кегли