“Secret satellite”: it has Become clear how the US is trying to catch up on horror Russians

«Секретный спутник»: Стало ясно, как США пытаются нагнать жути на Россиян

Trump just a few days earlier told how going from space to shoot down Russian ballistic missiles “before they start”. And here – for you, put into orbit a secret satellite, “of importance to US national security”. Oil painting. Except that with secrecy went too far.

Donald I. trump, which the rest do not give regular announcements of new Russian missiles were reported to be unstoppable by any missile in the world, decided to revive American power and to show that de do something even “hoo”.

Turned out blurry and unconvincing. If the Russian rockets hit any targets guaranteed, trump is going to beat out of space and be sure – before launching a deadly missile. So far, however, only in words, because no technical specifications have not even been announced.

Being an experienced trader is by nature, Donald I. applied common business technique is to draw the incredible vistas, to slander anyone and, as a result – sell more expensive goods. And you can weld bigger. In this case, “fat” – political influence of the USA in the world, which gave a good crack.

Earlier, the Russian military told about the successful test, “Zircon”, “Dagger” and “Avant-garde” flying at hypersonic and able in minutes to hit targets at a distance of thousands of kilometres, bypassing any missile defense.

Of course, “Great” States are unable to disregard it and tried to catch up to the Russians horror in response. Came out unconvincing and overly secret. As in the best Hollywood films. And movies is almost always about fiction.