Secrets of the ancient cosmos: Scientists have uncovered the most bizarre mysteries of the Galaxy

Тайны древнего космоса: Ученые раскрыли самые странные загадки Галактики

In the milky way there are objects, the origin and behavior which defy human logic.

In space there are millions of mysteries, but some are more attractive than others. Today scientists have uncovered the strange mysteries of our Galaxy where Earth and the Solar system, there are thrilling and exciting secrets of the ancient cosmos.

The first unusual celestial body – the sun of another system – the star PSR J0002 + 6216. It moves to who knows where at the speed of 1130 km/s Probably once a planet, possibly a “live” thrown from the cloud of the recent powerful explosion of a supernova, and so left the trail because of the “holes” in the outer shell.

The second mystery called RX J0806.4-4123 is the cosmic body is radically different from any other object in the Universe. The star emits light in the infrared range, and all the other glow in the x-ray spectrum, or “visible” at radio frequencies. Incredibly, the light of RX J0806.4-4123 extends to 200 astronomical units.

Third star – the most intriguing mystery of the universe. The sun of another system may be older than any known Galaxy. The star HD 140283 was born 14.5 billion years ago and universe is only 2 billion.

The fourth “miracle” and the object of curiosity of all the astronomers object HD 101065 or Star Prybylski. It is the slowest body in the Galaxy and goes around once for 188 years. Astronomers believe that this is the heaviest object of the ancient cosmos. Presumably, it consists of priceless metals, including strontium, uranium, cesium and neodymium, but it has quite a few Nickel and iron.