Seductive women’s fragrance: what to choose, where to buy

Соблазнительные женские ароматы: что выбрать, где купить

Every woman has a favorite perfume for any occasion. But it so happens that they are bored. For a long time to look for something new, look at our selection of favorites among the flavors. Surely you will find in it something special and useful.

The most sensual women’s fragrance

According to experts and according to numerous reviews of men and women on forums and the web, among the most exquisite and unforgettable fragrances:

  • La Vie Est Belle, Lancome. It infused notes of iris, neroli, citrus, patchouli and bergamot. On the skin it becomes sweet, but gets the shades fruit, powder. Besides, it’s Daisy perfume and is very stable. Maybe that’s why he’s not losing its relevance (released in 2012, and is popular still).
  • CAROLINA HERRERA GOOD GIRL. This composition, filled with echoes of coffee, almonds, vanilla and sandalwood. After applying spreads to the skin of honey with a splash of praline. New way is revealed in the cool weather, but perfect for every season on every day. Many call this perfume a slipper as a good girl perfume carolina herrera are available in a bottle in the form of shoes.
  • Hypnose Senses Lancome. Another sensual, sexy fragrance from the family of chypre floral. Immediately after application may seem heavy, but then diverges and seemed enveloped in a haze of honey with the presence of juicy fruit and roses.
  • Narciso Rogrigues For Her. About this fragrance say: “Love at first sigh”. Woody-musky, he was born of bergamot, vetiver, amber and patchouli. But the highlight, perhaps, the ability to unfold differently, depending on the season. So, in the heat, he playfully sparkling, but not suffocating, and the frost gets a citrus bitterness with a splash of honey.
  • Fleur Narcotique By Ex Nihilo. Exquisite floral perfume that suits both women and men, as it combines woody astringency, and citrus finesse. This makes it a moderately fresh but soft, firm, but not suffocating.
  • Mitsouko by Guerlain. The perfume, which resonate notes of citrus, Jasmine, rose, peach, ylang and spices. Hear the composition very clearly, especially because the aroma itself is persistent and nothing on similar. But he was already 100 years old (released in 1919).
  • Daisy Eau So Fresh, Marc Jacobs. These spirits like shimmer with hints of grapefruit, litchi, musk and plum. The smell of the air and even bitter at first, but then the bitterness gives way to sweetness. Many people call perfume an indispensable spring, because in spring it appears in a special lightness and freshness, which in this period is so lacking. In fact, the scent suitable for all occasions, for every day.

Соблазнительные женские ароматы: что выбрать, где купить

Summing up the above, we note that all sensual women’s fragrance is interesting in its own way, but they have something in common. First of all, musky notes, shipovye, vanilla, ambergris. They act upon the opposite sex as aphrodisiacs, so no wonder perfumers actively add to their composition. Also in the sensual women’s perfume are floral accents that create a mood of celebration, or powder, is perhaps the most beautiful fragrances of luxury and prosperity.

Where profitable order

Huge selection of different fragrances for women online store Each of them has a detailed description – you can see the notes that form a pyramid of the fragrance and choose your. Also, importantly, in each description indicates the shelf life of the product – it is usually 24-36 months after opening.

Соблазнительные женские ароматы: что выбрать, где купить

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