See how mountain-drifter spinning “donuts” and eventually burned Ford Mustang GT

Посмотрите, как горе-дрифтер крутил "пончики" и в итоге спалил Ford Mustang GT

Mountain-drifter burned 460 horsepower Ford Mustang GT. The incident occurred in Westlake (Texas, USA) at the meeting of motorists. The owner of the Mustang with 5.0-liter V8 decided to spin “donuts” and he did it very aggressively and long.

After some time under the bottom of the sports car appeared in the flames. The cause of the fire was not reported, but eyewitnesses suggest that the engine worked very long on a limit, and melted the catalytic converters and unburned fuel ignited in the exhaust, and then everything else.

The first car tried to extinguish with available in cups and bottles of water, but to no avail. And by the time firefighters arrived, the Ford Mustang has burned down. Not all, but the damage the car had suffered almost irreparable.