See, Oleg is not sick, he’s on hunger strike – lawyer. gave a great interview – Channel 24

Зрозумійте, Олег не хворий, він на голодуванні, – адвокат Сенцова дав велике інтерв'ю - 24 Канал

The lawyer of Oleg Sentsov told that the last photo of Oleg Sentsov shows how bad he looks.

In an interview with “Medusa” the lawyer said Dmitry Sentsov DNSe.

According to him, it is clear that the form it hangs. This Rob or fat man, or hanging on it as on a hanger. The photo shows that it is quite thin. He never shows his chest and sunken stomach is, of course, would produce a greater impression. And so he was asked to stand up, he stood up. And took his picture.

“This picture, as I understand it, the same day (9 August – ed.) made at the request of Tatiana Moskalkova the Ombudsman Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous area Anatoly Sak. He took a picture of Oleg in the same condition in which it is located. But the reports not all: in fact he looks worse. If Oleg was asked to undress, the picture would have been much sadder,”
– told Dnes.

The lawyer met with the defendant Sensulin last time on 7 August. He told him that the last two weeks in Labytnangi was hot, he was ill with heart on the background of the poor performance of the kidneys and liver.

The first two weeks of a hunger strike of Oleg was in solitary confinement. Then he was transferred to the medical unit of the colony. In the IR number 8 is the medical portion which serves and other colonies in the region. It is quite diversified, there are good working professionals.

I don’t give the chance to look at it. Usually the convicted person meeting with a lawyer takes place in a room in which there is a cage with big holes in it and give birth to a human. A lawyer sits at the table opposite – and so is the communication. That is, no glass – you can upload documents you can upload documents
– the lawyer told.

“I always put in a separate compartment, which are typically short visits. This is the room with the Plexiglas, where I have no access to it, can’t his hand to take. All the documents I can only pass through a small gap of a few millimeters at the top – between the frame and glass. We cry, as a rule, the phone is not in use.”, noted DNSe.

“You see, Oleg is not sick, he’s on hunger strike. You perceive it as a sick person. This is complete nonsense! He had a normal state of health, and currently, it was undermined only in the background of fasting. People starving and sick with severe diseases – are two different things”, – the lawyer.

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