“See that you are already old”: Ksenia Borodina showed themselves without filters and makeup

«Видно, что ты уже старая»: Ксения Бородина показала себя без фильтров и макияжа

At the end of last year Ksenia Borodina with her husband and children flew to Hong Kong.

Having met the new 2020 in China, the leading reality show “Dom-2”, together with his family went to Thailand, where he decided to rest for the full program and for the first time in a long time refused to ceremonial costumes and cosmetics.

Recently on his page on Instagram Ksenia published a photo taken on the beach on which she appeared before the fans in all its glory – without filters and makeup.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband and children in Hong Kong in the comments to the image, She wrote:

“Girls, say if you long for the sun to lie, you can quickly get old, I think you’re lying, don’t you?!” Most users felt that She didn’t do too good in the pictures. Many have noticed the bumps on her tanned cheeks and wrinkles on his forehead, issuing far not the young age of the presenter.

“You see that you are already old”, “Granny Xenia, just lie”, “Here without makeup terrible and very old leather straight Woman Ksenia”, – wrote the user.

Perhaps She used a special sostarivayut filters, maybe just a long flight and a panic attack, which happened with Ksenia in Hong Kong, not the best way impact on her appearance. We will remind, some time ago Ksenia Borodina complained to subscribers that in the Chinese metropolis with her first had a panic attack, which scared her. The presenter believes that this condition could be caused by insomnia, which began during her travels in Asia.

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