Segway minimizes the production of elektronikov – unexpected reason

Segway сворачивает производство электроциклов – неожиданная причина

Segway сворачивает производство электроциклов – неожиданная причина

The Segway company will no longer release electronicly two-wheeled automatic-balancing (Segway PT) from July 15. Their sales brought in only 1.5% of income. Release electrocycle began in 2001.

According to the President of Segway Judy Kay, the pandemic did not affect production. Most sales were affected by the characteristics of the devices. Electronicly have high reliability, and the developers have built into the Segway PT several backup systems that allow them to function even in case of failure of some elements.

We tried to understand why we have poor sales. Hate to say it, but it’s all in the quality and durability. I have talked to several owners of older Segways. Looks like this technique doesn’t matter, because it was used for 12 years, but people drive on the device 100 thousand miles
– said Kai.

During the period of production has sold more than 140 thousand Segway PT. The company plans to sell more than 100 thousand pieces only for the first year.

Another problem the media called the problem of classifying the Segway PT. In some States electrocycle required an additional license.

What’s next

Now the company will focus on the production of Ninebot Segways-Segway. Recently was shown a new model KickScooter E22, which can reach the speed of 20 km/h and is designed for travel around the city.

Last year Segway demonstrated a new device – an electric three-wheeled scooter, which is equipped with a special system for Autonomous return to the charging station. KickScooter T60 uses the front camera on the handlebar with which the operator of the rental service or special software can remotely analyze the situation on the road and to return the electric skateboard back on the charging station in manual or automatic mode.

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