Segway will stop releasing elektrotikli: demand fell due to high reliability

Segway прекратит выпускать электроциклы: спрос упал из-за высокой надежности

The Segway company will close the production of two-wheeled electrocycle with automatic balancing (Segway PT). This writes Fast Company. Officially production will cease on July 15.

Segway to produce electronicly in 2001. The President of the company Judy Kay said that it provided about 1.5 % of the total income. She explained that the coronavirus pandemic though caused problems with the production but was not a key factor. In her opinion, one of the main reasons was the high reliability of the devices. The developers have built a Segway PT several backup systems that allow electrocycle to function even in case of failure of some elements.

“We tried to understand why we have poor sales. Hate to say it, but it’s all in the quality and durability. I have talked to several owners of older Segways. Looks like this technique doesn’t matter, because she enjoyed 12 years, but people drive on the device 100 thousand miles” – said Kai.

For 19 years, has sold more than 140 thousand Segway PT, although the company planned to sell more than 100 thousand in the first year. In 2009, Time magazine named the device one of the biggest failures of the decade. The reason was the high price and the problems with classification in some countries it requires an additional license.

Despite the closure of production of electrocyclic, the company will continue to produce Ninebot Segways-Segway. In late may, the developers presented a new model KickScooter E22. It is designed for comfortable movement around the city and can reach the speed of 20 km/h.