Self-medicating: details have emerged of the death of the infected COVID-19 born in Ternopil’

Занимался самолечением: стали известны детали гибели зараженного COVID-19 тернопольчанина

The man from the Ternopil region who died because of coronavirus, referred to the hospital immediately, and before that was self-medicating. This was stated by the Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Volodymyr Trush during a briefing, reports UNN with reference to the press service of the RSA.

So, in the Ternopil region confirmed case of death from COVID-19. In infectious branch of the Ternopil emergency hospital died 68-the summer inhabitant of the village Kovalevka in the Monastery area.

“The patient was admitted to a medical facility in critical condition and was immediately connected to the ventilator. The doctors quickly took measures to rescue, because the hospital provided everything necessary to provide care to patients COVID-19. Unfortunately, to save the man’s life failed,” said Trush.

The head of the region noted that the patient did not immediately seek medical help and a long time was self-medicating at home. Set of all persons with whom contact was dead. They are partially associated with the first patient, who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Trush called on residents of the Ternopil region to remain calm and not to panic, because the area provided all the necessary medical equipment for examination and diagnostic tests to identify COVID-19, and disinfectants. He stressed that the hospital is ready to provide help to the patients with coronavirus.

“We have a sufficient number of tests to PCR for rapid diagnosis. Upon detection of suspected COVID-19 immediately sets the circle of contact persons to identify potential localization of the outbreak,” concluded Trush.

Recall, March 25 became aware of a fourth death from the coronavirus in Ukraine. So, in the infectious disease Department of the Ternopil emergency hospital died 68-year-old patient COVID-19.