Seniors are confused with the payment of an additional 500 UAH. The Pension Fund has placed the dots on “i”

Пенсионеры запутались с выплатой дополнительных 500 грн. В Пенсионном фонде расставили точки на "i"

The pension Fund said about 500 UAH for those over 80.

From April, pensioners over the age of 80 years, receive monthly plus five hundred UAH to their pensions. But this payment was a mess. In edition to RIA Melitopol asked the woman who the mailman reported that the payment of additional UAH 500 was a one-time action. For comments we turned to the head of the Melitopol Department of citizens service of the Main Department of PFU in Zaporozhye region Svetlana of Christ.

According to Svetlana Hristova payment of 500 UAH continues normally. But emphasizes that some retirees could get confused, as the first time, in April, this amount was paid in a single sum:

-The fact that in Ukraine the pension is paid from the 4th of each month. And the decision of the Cabinet on monthly payment of UAH 500, seniors over the age of 80 years, entered into force in mid-April. Accordingly, the pensioners had paid the money after the receipt of a pension. Starting in may, the 500 UAH joined the pension and are delivered in one lump sum, – explained Svetlana.

We will remind that in the future additional 500 UAH per month will receive all who have reached 80 years of age.