Sensation and breakthrough 2019, HIV infection is treatable

Сенсация и прорыв в медицине 2019 года, ВИЧ инфекция излечима

Until recently the world’s medical history there was only one case of recovery from HIV. 12 years ago the surgery was performed by ray brown or the “Berlin patient.” During the operation he transplanted donor hematopoietic stem cells in the brain. And two years later the patient’s blood was clean from HIV infection.

With the development of modern technologies and discoveries have recently appeared and the second cured of HIV man, whose name was not called. International meeting of scientists in the field of medicine was conducted another successful operation. In the course of which, using the same methods, doctors were able to transplant patient hematopoietic stem cells of bone marrow from a donor. Lead author, wrote articles about both these operations, performed on 5 March a report at a medical Symposium in Seattle, reports

The human immunodeficiency virus is a disease that slowly progresses and currently has no fully accessible medications. This virus affects the immune system, affecting its cells. In the end, the immune system of the patient deteriorates significantly and after some time, the body develops AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome person). A patient who is infected with this disease can not be cured independently and without urgent medical treatment he might suddenly die.

Treatment HIV bone transplant was possible because of the presence of the donor gene mutations. Due to these mutations the human immunodeficiency virus is unable to infect the cells with which it interacts. Therefore, transplantation of HIV-resistant cells, the patient is at the moment the only possible way to cure the disease.

Prior to the second successful operation the efficiency of this method have been in doubt. But after long-term remission in another patient of reason to distrust the operation no one else has. However, despite significant breakthroughs in the development of medicine, leading experts and scholars have doubts about such operations. The main problem is the very high cost of treatment, complexity of operations and the risks they carry for themselves. Among other things, required donors with a mutant gene CCR5 is very small.

A recent news story directly related to this theme was the condemnation by the medical community and the researchers who conducted experiments with the purpose of the birth of genetically modified children. This operation of the Chinese scientists with their Western colleagues went in order to bring in genes of unborn children that the mutation of CCR5 that is necessary for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus. At the moment, the laws of the people’s Republic of China has not been yet possible penalties for such crimes. But the Chinese government said that the scientists violated the law and will be punished.