Sensational defeat of “Dynamo”, the defeat of the “Zaria” in Kiev: the main results of the 7th round of the Premier League – 24 Channel

Сенсаційна поразка "Динамо", розгром від "Зорі" у Києві: головні підсумки 7-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

7-th round of the Premier League fell after European Cup matches and before the pause associated with the game of national teams. And he scored quite unexpected, and in the case of “Dynamo” and sensational results. And quite a lot of goals.

Lucky “Vorskla” and its top rivals

Opened tour Poltava “Vorskla”, which in his field took the Odessa “Chernomorets”. A few hours before the match poltavites learned the names of rivals in the Europa League and a calendar of matches in the European competitions. The evening at the stadium, where we will welcome the English “Arsenal” and Portuguese “sporting” and won the game against the sailors.

In this game are very mixed game of both teams. Especially with regard to the “Vorskla”. Bronze medalist at the previous championship unsuccessfully started the championship. But in the game against Odessa managed to break a duel course. Although the missed penalty in the first half, in the performance of the Kulaks must lead to a serious conversation during the break, performed by Vasyl Sachko.

“Chernomorets” was close to display glasses from Poltava. And a weird own goal shortly before the end of the match in the performance of Rijeka left “sailors” without glasses.

The Sabbath was made for “miner” and “Mariupol”

In the last round three match on Sunday put on one time. In this round on Saturday in the Premier League was only one game – “Shakhtar” in Kharkov took “Mariupol”.

For this match resembled a game of “Dynamo” against “Ajax” in Kiev, where the role of the Amsterdam players were “miners”. They created a lot of chances, and still could not break through Galchuk. However, at the end of the first half, scored – scored Moraes. It’s the Brazilian’s seventh goal in the League.

Сенсаційна поразка "Динамо", розгром від "Зорі" у Києві: головні підсумки 7-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

Moraes scored seven goals in seven matches in the championship

In the second half, “Mariupol” missed only loser was Dawa, who deflected the ball into his own net.

I should add that the stock Azovtsev this game had only four players. Shakhtar allowed rented his players to play in this match. Therefore, the main coach of “Mariupol” not even managed to recruit players for a full application.

Hell Sunday for Desna and Olimpik

Match in Chernihiv was the first time the teams had this season to play in 14:00. At this time Sunday, September 2, the city was about 30 degrees Celsius. Not too pleasant conditions for football.

Apparently, the weather too has affected the players because the game itself was pretty slow. And the only goal in the match scored a player who only the week joined Olympique de Marseille. It is worth noting the error of defenders “the Gums”, which the attacker left without care, when he received a pass from his half of the field. Although there is quite a controversial episode, because the two socks in this episode screamed “I” that is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. And the referee had to stop the game. It tried to prove to the referee players “Gums” and Gitchenko for their “evidence” got a warning. And in the 75th minute – second yellow card for a foul and left the command in minority.

“Desna” in the future without a win at home. While away I managed to beat and “Mariupol”, and “Dawn”.

Kobzon in the stands

Death of Joseph Kobzon and the murder of Alexander Zakharchenko are unable to get past the fans in the stands. They “dedicated” banners in Kharkov for the match “Shakhtar”.

Сенсаційна поразка "Динамо", розгром від "Зорі" у Києві: головні підсумки 7-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

The banner reported on the match “Shakhtar” – “Mariupol” in Kharkov

In Chernigov in opposition to the “Gums” and “Olympic”.

Сенсаційна поразка "Динамо", розгром від "Зорі" у Києві: головні підсумки 7-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

Another banner Kobzon for the matches of the Premier League “Desna” – “Olympic”

Strong-willed character, “Alexandria” and the Joker Sharan

To 7-th round “Alexandria” in this League, have conceded just one goal in the match against “Dinamo”, which lost. In the match against FC Lviv the Alexandrians before the middle of the first half, missed twice. While ahead of the guests did not succeed. So coach “Alexandria” Sharan started making substitutions in the first half. And they brought the result.

Scored the first Gritsuk, and shortly before the end and Sitalo. Brought draw “Alexandria”.

I should add that this is the second time in Lviv, the host of the match will win by difference of two goals, but plays in a draw. This was the first time in the match Karpaty and Olimpik. Also in the last round of “lions” won in the match against “Mariupol” on the road, and in the end the match ended in a draw 2:2.

“Alexandria” slid to second place. And looking at the result, “Dinamo”, retained this place.

Zarya wins, vernydub do?

During the week, “dawn” played a tough match in Germany against “RB Leipzig”. And if not for a penalty in the last minute of the match, the Luhansk could reach the group stage of the Europa League.

And not defeat was the main news this evening. After the game the head coach of “Dawn” Yuri Vernidub said he plans to resign.

However, the club managed to keep specialist. And on Sunday, he rejoiced in the goals of his team against “Arsenal-Kiev”. And they were many.

Before the break of “dawn” has scored three goals. Although things were much more. In one attack, Rafael prokinul the ball past Stale that went outside the box and too clumsily punched already in empty gate. But the goal is not scored because the defender was able in the fall to dislodge the ball.

And two more goals that were scored in the second half completed the rout of the gunners. “Dawn” again in fourth place. The team was able to move away from the insulting defeat in the Europa League.

Sensational defeat of “Dynamo” from “the Carpathians”

But who failed to depart from matches in European competitions – this is the “Dynamo”. Kiev entertained Karpaty Lviv. “Green-whites” with a new coach still looking for his game and for this match came in a rather experimental composition. And it brought results.

The Swede before the break, scored twice, taking advantage of the mistakes of the defenders “the Dynamo”. In the first case Verbs gave a bad pass and has been beaten Burda. The second che Che did not finish the episode until the end, and was beaten Kadar. Head coach of “Dynamo” there is much to ponder in the last round, the team missed the victory in the end of the match with Chornomorets, missing for the first time in the Premier League, the game against Ajax has completely failed, and in the game against Karpaty missed twice. The “green-whites” in the second half were in the minority due to the removal (rather controversial second yellow card for Megrame), and managed to hold the desired result.

It is understood that in this League, Karpaty missed only one match in the second round against Chornomorets. But in the previous match, missed twice from “Arsenal-Kiev” the house that more than one goal not scored. This is the first victory of FC Karpaty against Dynamo in the check-out since 1997.

Сенсаційна поразка "Динамо", розгром від "Зорі" у Києві: головні підсумки 7-го туру УПЛ - 24 Канал

The players “Dynamo” after the defeat of the “Karpaty” went to talk with the fans

I should add that this defeat may cost the head coach for the Khatskevich Dynamo.

Goals of the tour

In this round there were many beautiful goals. And to choose one would be wrong. Therefore, top 5 goals (not the seats).

Khomchenovskyy the second goal in gate of “Arsenal-Kiev”


The Swede’s second goal in gate “the Dynamo”


Goal by Taylor in Oleksandriya


Generous goal from a penalty against “Vorskla”


Karavaeva goal in gate of “Arsenal-Kiev”

Heroes tour

“Karpaty”. The Lviv side managed to score two goals against Dynamo in their field, and then almost the entire second half to keep the desired result, playing in the minority.

Losers round

“Dynamo”. The team which claims the championship, may not hold such matches. They didn’t lose by chance after we conceded the goal, and fully on the game. And this “game” people demonstrate for the third match in a row. Should something change.

Also this can be attributed to Rijeka, who scored an own goal, and his team lost.

The results of the matches

Vorskla – Chernomorets 2:1
Scorers: Kulach, 49, Ryzhuk, 87(auth.) Black, 63

Shakhtar – Mariupol 2:0
Goals: Moraes, 43, Dawa, 56 (ed.)

Desna – Olympique De Marseille 0:1
Goal: Two Socks, 54
Removal: Hitchenko, 75 (second yellow)

Lviv – Alexandria 2:2
Goals: Bruno, 8, Taylor, 21 – Gritsuk, 54, Sitalo, 83

Arsenal Kiev – Zorya 0:5
Goals: Karavayev, 5, Khomchenovskyy, 13, 69, Rafael Rato, 44, Ldnw, 51

Dynamo – Karpaty 0:2
Goals: Swedish, 17, 45+1
Removal: Megrim, 57 (second yellow)

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