Serena Williams came to the podium with a 2-year-old daughter: photos from the fashion show of the brand tennis player

Серена Уильямс вышла на подиум с 2-летней дочкой: фото с показа модного бренда теннисистки

The famous American tennis player and close friend of the Duchess of Sussex Serena Williams the day before, September 10, presented their fashion brand Serena. After the show, which was held in the framework of the fashion Week in new York, 37-year-old athlete took the podium with his little daughter Alexis.

In early August, Serena Williams became the star of the latest issue of Essence magazine where talking about your brand and its purpose. She spoke about the universal red dress, which is in the new collection, and why she wanted to create it. And yesterday, on September 10, the world tennis star presented its own brand at fashion Week in new York.

Star guests on the show Serena Williams became Ashley Graham, who recently reported pregnant, Kim Kardashian and many others.

Interestingly, the show girlfriend Meghan Markle was held in the format of see now, buy now. This phrase means that guests can immediately purchase the model that they like, after the completion of the show. I should add that Serena Williams was invited to the presentation of the brand, famous model plus size Hayley Hasselhoff, after all, before she told me that the dresses in her collection will cover as large sizes.

After the show the tennis player came to the podium to thank guests for their presence and support, holding the hands of his 2-year-old daughter Alexis Ohanian Olympia.

I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, that I will call and say: “Friends, we want you to participate in the fashion Week in new York”,
said Serena Williams about participating in fashion Week.

Серена Уильямс вышла на подиум с 2-летней дочкой: фото с показа модного бренда теннисистки

Serena Williams with her daughter / Getty Images