Sergei Karaganov: “the results of the elections on U.S. foreign policy will not affect”

Сергей Караганов: "Итоги выборов на внешней политике США не скажутся"

The weight of the midterm elections in both houses of Congress, even outside the United States are significant, their results following in Europe, and, of course, in Russia, with whom relations depend to a certain extent from the one who gets the majority and controls the House of representatives and the Senate. To clarify the future of Russian-American relations in the light of the results of this vote, the correspondent of Euronews in Moscow Galina Polonskaya met with the honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Russia’s foreign policy Sergei Karaganov.

Galina Polonskaya: “Sergey, how the election results will affect relations of Russia and the USA, which, as some believe, “struck bottom” at the trump, becoming even worse than under Obama?”.

Sergei Karaganov:“no impact on the deterioration of relations, we are in a long term deterioration of relations, I would call this a unilateral “cold war” waged against Russia, the United States. Largely, they got her for internal reasons. There is not “settled” in America, I think this “cold war” will continue and “calm down”, I think, two of the electoral cycle”.

Galina Polonskaya:“How to can change the overall foreign policy of the United States against partners and rivals?”.

Sergei Karaganov:“I don’t see any reason to, US foreign policy has undergone no change, trump has his own agenda, he maintains, and in General the direction which they were elected, he wins. However, he wins and in the country too. It removes excessive American commitments in the Caucasus, in other regions of the world, he tries to collect in a single fist of American power together in the country. He turns America including in Europe.”

Galina Polonskaya:“as for Europe, what she can expect now from trump after the election?”.

Sergei Karaganov:“the Europeans have the sense to stop “waiting for something”, and even 30-40 years ago to build a Europe that would be more independent and promote their own interests, rather than relying too heavily on American protection.”

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