Sergei Romanovich became a father

Сергей Романович стал отцом

Star of the TV series “Chernobyl,” Sergei Romanovich hides her personal life from prying eyes, so only recently decided to admit dad is already two months. About it the actor said in the Instagram.

R. compared paternity with entrepreneurship.

“Before the birth of a child, I always thought that when I have children, every day we will eat with them cotton candy, look at the rainbow and jump on clouds. Just like with the seals, which you buy looking at their cute faces, oblivious to the fact that the seals too Kaka. Write. Eat. Worn. Rage. Pranks. In short, you know…)) So, the main insight that I caught over the past two months. Fatherhood is a real school of patience. And being a mother. Prior to the collision with reality we are completely inadequate in their expectations. Just like in business. How many of you looking for the coolest entrepreneurs on the Internet, although once I caught myself thinking, “Oh, how cool to work on yourself, be financially independent, to live freely and happily…” – sound familiar? Tell that to any the current owner and he’ll laugh in your face. Why? Because every case is a huge responsibility and a thousand different problems that you solve 24/7″.

Sergei concluded that businessmen compared to fathers have the right to fail, as in the case of failure you lose only money.

“But all of these problems, businesses and other Affairs – was not standing next to 5 kg, which lie in a small black carriage. In business, if you’re irresponsible, you’re gonna lose money. If you’re irresponsible in the upbringing – you’ll lose a happy old age, in which love, support and care. So, Yes, I realize now that if you don’t invest patience, attention, care and love to his family, sooner or later, this enterprise becomes unprofitable, which will take you not money. No. It will take you happiness, harmony and inner peace. Invest wisely”.

Сергей Романович стал отцом