Sergey Babkin laugh fans memories of the first date with my wife

Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin and his wife Snezana is one of the most exemplary pairs of domestic show-business. Every time celebrities captivate the audience overall yields and a gentle message about marital life. However, as it turned out, their first date was far from ideal.

Sergey and Snezhana old wives sharing your story in Improv Live Show that airs on the New channel. According to the artists, their first date was far from perfect, as the singer was late for a meeting with Snezhana 2 hours.

“I wore a long beautiful coats, fall boots with heels. Why autumn? Because they are beautiful. The temperature was 20 degrees, I guess. So I waited two hours. Froze, legs no longer felt. It did not answer the phone,” recalled Veronica Babkina.

As it turned out, Sergei in front of a landmark date went hunting. Therefore, metro Pushkinskaya in Kharkov, he came in a not very smart attire, and even a swamp.

Two hours later, I came. Just had a godfather in the hunt in the Kharkiv region. Ran out in a sheepskin coat, smelling of campfire, in a hat,
– said Sergey Babkin.

But Alice remembered that her beloved came out with muddy boots. The pair went to the restaurant “Paris”, where he spent a romantic evening. And it’s not the only time Sergey Babkin was late for a meeting: as he recalls his wife, the actors of “Theatre 19”, where they both worked, always had to wait artist.

“His boots were absolutely filthy. I’m still thinking: where in the snow, in the cold, so you can get dirty?.. And we are always waiting for you! Couldn’t start rehearsing”, – said Snezana Babkina.

As you know, in 2008 Sergei and Snezhana old wives secretly married. Then the actress was still in a relationship with another man, so in love it took a long time to persuade the Minister to perform a wedding ceremony. The pair promised that immediately after the marriage to establish personal life. And so it happened: now Sergey and Snezhana old wives happily married, have three children and live in Kharkov.