Sergey Burunov and Yevgeny Mironov voiced the characters of “Belka and Strelka 3”

Сергей Бурунов и Евгений Миронов озвучили персонажей «Белки и Стрелки 3»

From 20 July to 2 September at the Studio Kinoatis is sounding, the third part of the animated franchise “Belka and Strelka”. Their voices the heroes of the film gave Yevgeny Mironov, Sergey Burunov Sergei Shnurov (Alien) and Irina Pegova (Arrow).

Yevgeny Mironov voiced rat Blame, as in all previous parts of the picture. In the third movie he was given a special place. Despite the fact that venja – a crafty and notorious comedian, when danger threatens his friends, he becomes serious and is absolutely fearless.

In the third part of my character is given more attention than in the previous year. And it fully deserves – says Evgeny Mironov. – I am particularly pleased when I say that this was done at the request of the audience. The first two parts of Venya then tail, then nose tried to get into the scene to the main characters – the Squirrel and the Arrow, enter, so to speak, in history. And the third part he managed to do it.

My character meets in the film for humor. And when allows me directed, I even added something from myself. This work is no different from the role in theater or cinema. In the third part of the Blame finds the state of love, it is interesting to observe his actions, to live it with him. For me venja – a real superhero“.

The actor of theatre and cinema Sergey Burunov got a small but vivid role – charming and funny seal Yasha, uncle rat Veni. Yasha rustic, cheerful and kind to all, he genuinely tries to help save the planet, but it all goes awry.

Yasha – the elderly and clumsy, but very charming seal, – said Sergey Burunov about your character. – I definitely had imbued him with sympathy. I think that young viewers will enjoy it.

The voice acting has its difficulties. The truth has not been canceled. So when an artist stands before a microphone, he doesn’t just need to say all the phrases in the script, but also to play and live all for his hero. On the technical side – for example, to get in sync or to pick up the intonation, it’s simple, and create a true volumetric image of a hero is a question of the skills and capabilities of the artist.

It’s safe to say that the animation has now reached incredible heights. There were heroes, characters and psychology which peerless is registered. Rise is so important and relevant topics that animated movies are fun to watch not only children but also adults“.

The plot off the coast of Cuba is a mysterious anomaly – a huge waterspout sucks up water by draining the ocean. The decision of the Soviet command, Belka and Strelka are sent to the island of the fraternal peoples with a reconnaissance mission. Colorful cube, azure expanse of the ocean and mysteries of the underwater world will meet old friends. They undergo a series of dangerous adventures that will lead them to the solution of the Cuban anomaly, but will test their friendship to the test.

The Director of the cartoon was made by Inna Evlannikova. On the script worked for Olga Nikiforov, Artem and Danil Milovanov Trotsenko, and production functions Sergey Zernov and Vadim Sotskov.

In the Russian hire “Belka and Strelka 3” will be released on 30 April 2020.

Сергей Бурунов и Евгений Миронов озвучили персонажей «Белки и Стрелки 3»