Sergey Minko, co-authored the bill to create new jobs in engineering

Сергей Минько стал соавтором законопроекта по созданию новых рабочих мест в машиностроении

A group of deputies mazhoritarschikov Sergei Labatut, Sergey Minko and others have proposed to amend the Law of Ukraine “On stimulation of development of domestic engineering for the agro-industrial complex.” This bill facilitates the creation of new jobs in the domestic engineering industry for agro-industrial complex. Will improve the situation on the market of Ukrainian agricultural machinery, to ensure the agricultural sector better products and jobs.

In the draft Law of Ukraine “On stimulation of development of domestic mechanical engineering for agroindustrial complex”, which was initiated, among other acts of Melitopol MP Sergei Minko provides motivational mechanisms for enterprises of the machine-building sector, and incentives to farmers for the purchase of domestic agricultural machinery.

In particular, it is envisaged that at the expense of the State budget will be provided subsidy on agricultural machinery, the level of localization which is not less than 55%. That is, not less than 55% of units and mechanisms must be carried out on the territory of Ukraine. The compensation for enterprises will grow to 30% of the cost of farm equipment and for farmers – up to 40%.

– In addition, the bill provides increase of salaries of workers of machine-building enterprises. In particular, subsidies and soft loans will be to only those engineering companies that will transfer not less than 9% of the proceeds from the sale of funds on wages and social events – says the people’s Deputy Sergey Minko.

Alas, in recent years Ukraine has seen a huge drop in machinery production. According to the state statistics service of Ukraine, in 2019 domestic machine-building enterprises released 2420 45 tractors and combine harvesters, compared with the total rolling stock fleet of agricultural machinery (132 thousand 27 thousand tractors and harvesters) is extremely insufficient.

Implementation of the proposed Melitopol people’s deputies of the bill will allow investments in qualified personnel for agricultural engineering and then improve the quality of the art. In turn, this will increase the quality of the processing, collection and storage of agricultural products that will increase the profitability of agricultural activities without additional funds.