Sergey Pritula congratulate Olga Freimut happy birthday: known cause

Сергей Притула не поздравляет Ольгу Фреймут с днем рождения: известна причина

Ukrainian TV presenter Sergey Pritula revealed private information, why is he in a complicated relationship with his colleague Olga Freimut and called the reasons why he never congratulates the woman with a birthday.

About it Sergey said in an interview with category “Coffee-pepper,” the program “Star way.”

Prytula recalled that when Olga had to choose between work on two television channels, she lied to him. Then freimuth told a colleague that stays on the New channel, and three days later signed a contract with “1+1”.

All was well until 2013, when Olga Freimut started competing just two channel. “New” and “1+1”, which tried to poach. I met Olga on 16 December, saying: “I know it’s you bidding, but I at least you can say you staying or going?” And she said, “Sergey, I am staying.” Then I gained by the producer of the show and said, “You know what Olga the day before yesterday signed a contract with the “plus”?”. 16th I was told that the remains and the 19th, signed a contract with the “Pros”. Of course, I’m sorry, but I honestly do not care deeply was the relationship of my partner with the leadership of the New channel, the New channel, with anyone on the “New channel”,
– said Sergey.

TV presenter recalled how congratulated Olga in the past year, happy birthday and sent her a personal video greeting with your son. Subsequently, Freimut posted a video on his page on Instagram, pissed off a showman.

“Last year I congratulated Olga happy birthday. We were in Istanbul with my family, and we recorded a small video for her minute. Olya video private correspondence cut, put up in Instagram to see how Prytula it dries. Well, it is, it’s a madhouse in there, it’s ugly. And this year I’m doesnít happy birthday. I don’t know just how she may such things continue to use. So, I hope it is wide enough circle of friends that she is ready to sacrifice,” – said Pritula.

Interview with Sergey Pritula: watch the video