Sergey Shnurov ridiculed Joseph Prigogine on needy artists

Сергей Шнуров высмеял Иосифа Пригожина за слова о бедствующих артистах

A specialist in the poetic disputations Sergey Shnurov has chosen a target for their accentual-syllabic jokes music producer Joseph Prigogine. The latter had the temerity to speak out in an interview with “Evening Moscow” about the plight of artists because of the pandemic coronavirus infection.

“Even the first dozen of the most popular stars today, almost a curse, because they all lost possibility to earn” – said Prigogine, adding that now the artists are forced to”eat away what was possible in his time to save”.

Cords, as the representative of the distressed shop artists, immediately made fun of Prigogine and his wife, singer Valeria:

Life happens, powere&776;ll

Not a facade, and Panerai&774;.

I s***, uncle And 774;Osia,

Troubled with Teteya&774; Leroy&774;?

From tops cooking meals?

The bark already eat?

Sirotinushka you our

Quite thin I suppose?

The truth will not cover a lie

After all, the artist got in trouble&33;

So let us help the people of God,

They can for food.

No, we’re not that close

But stretched hand.

Send you sausages

From “the heel&776;rocky”. Yet.

In response to this libel Prigogine published a video message on Instagram:

“Sergei Shnurov before going under***the VAT and to write some poems in my address, first of all, I would still ask, what was discussed in my interviews. And it was about musicians and the creative people (dancers, actors of theater and cinema, circus performers) who are not state employees and are not subsidized by the state. And their thousands and thousands throughout Russia. It was not about me and Valerie, it was not about thirty of the big stars who earn a lot of money and who have the safety cushion. It was just about the musicians who have graduated from Universities, only playing and devoted himself to creativity. They are at zero. We’re talking about small businesses, about restaurants. And it is in these restaurants played by the same musicians. Many were left without wages.

I understand that you finished your career, you earned a decent amount of money, I’m happy for you. You are now the Deputy of the State Duma. Here take care, please, about these musicians who were on the street. About people who have not had time to get to the top of musical Olympus. You know very well what streaming platforms do not give the money on which to live. Online concerts – it’s like phone sex. It still does not give the desired contact, who was waiting for people and artists. So today all suffer. And please, friends, let’s be careful what we say and what we do, whom we give the assessment and how we give grades. Need to save face in such difficult conditions. Let’s be a little kinder”.

However, this appeal had no effect on the addressee. And no wonder. None of the discussion in which the sharp Cords initially occupies a critical position would not soften him. So this time in response Prigogine artist, ignoring the friendly tone producer, acted in the spirit of the school bullies. Although he could just keep quiet.

Well Joseph, well cut,

You are the intercessor for the whole world, as

Gandhi and *****, mother Teresa.

The delegate of circus performers&33;

I laugh while lying down,

Circus you our intercessor.

Youth representative,

She was closer to the son.

Theatre the guardian

And the tax payer?

Enough, enough, ***, clean

The fighter for the poor.

Conductive laughter will be so pissed off

God forgive me, Jesus.

Сергей Шнуров высмеял Иосифа Пригожина за слова о бедствующих артистах

Сергей Шнуров высмеял Иосифа Пригожина за слова о бедствующих артистах