Serial Killer Robert Pickton Transferred to Port-Cartier

The family of one of the victims of serial killer Robert Pickton claims that the inmate was transferred to a penitentiary in Quebec.
J oyce Lachance, Marnie Frey whose niece is one of six murder victims where Pickton was convicted, said he received a call from Corrections Canada on Thursday to inform him that Pickton had been transferred.

She reports that the transfer would be justified to ensure the protection of the inmate and allow him to participate in certain programs offered at the Port-Cartier maximum security institution.

Joyce Lachance says she is unhappy that she was not informed before the transfer and that other family members, including Marnie Frey’s father, have not been officially informed yet.

“They are furious because we did not even call them. Why have not they been warned? It’s awful, “she said.

Ms. Lachance mentioned that it will be more difficult for victims’ families to go to a parole hearing if Pickton so requests.

Rick Frey, Marnie’s father, said he was disappointed. He recalled that he and his family have already suffered a great deal since the death of his daughter in 1997. Every time Pickton’s name is pronounced, it only “throws the iron in the wound.”

“It’s been a nightmare since day one,” he said.

Correctional Service Canada explained in a written statement that it could not comment on a particular file or disclose where a federal inmate is incarcerated because of the Privacy Act.

“The safety and security of employees and inmates is a priority when making a decision about a prisoner’s accommodation. Transfers are made to an institution with the required security standards. ”

Robert Pickton was convicted in December 2007 of six counts of second degree murder. In addition to Marnie Frey, the other recognized victims are Georgina Papin, Mona Wilson, Sereena Abotsway, Brenda Wolfe and Andrea Joesbury.

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